Grantham Pegasus MC & LCC

The annual Arden Trophy Trial was held over 5 laps of 8 sections in near ideal conditions and this led to close scores on all routes. The main award went the way of Daniel Billam who was only a single dab on section 8 away from returning a perfect scorecard. Runner up was Kieran Radley on 8 which was just one mark better than Stuart Walker. A further mark back came the Butler family, Mark and Ben both on 10 marks but Mark claimed the family honours on the most cleans tie break. Tom Bishop was best on the 50/50 route with a creditable total of just 3.
The honour of the being the only rider to keep his feet up all day went to Over 40 rider Pete Ablewhite. Pete needed a perfect ride to top the scoresheet as this was another extremely competitive route. Runner up Edward Jones finished on just 1, Andy Butt on 2 and Steve Marwood and Jim York both on 3.
On the white route two riders finished on 1 mark. Fun class rider Jim Lawrence and Reece Mcdaid on his Beta 80 in the Youth Beginner category.