Hull Auto NG Pearson Shield Trial

Results from the Hull Auto Club N.G Pearson Shield Trial held at Warren House Farm, Lockton near Pickering, North Yorkshire yesterday where bright sunny weather welcomed the 66 riders.   Clerk of Course, Mark Williamson set out a good course of 4 laps of 10 sections in the long dry stream bed set in a deep valley, it turned out to be low scoring for some courses but past experience of this venue shows that it would have been much different if it had be wet!

As this event was for intermediates and Clubmen, Callum Williamson was best intermediate won the N. G .Pearson Shield on a miserly 2 marks lost, although up and coming expert Zac Collinson riding on a non-award basis managed the trial for 1 dab!

Hull Auto would like to thanks our valued observers, and all the riders for supporting the event. 

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Jim Austermuhle
Gen Sec
Hull Auto Club