Hull Auto Club Jack Howden Trophy Trial

Results from the Hull Auto Club Jack Howden Trophy Trial held 9th June 2019 at Hill Houses, Farndale in warm and bright weather.

There were many concerns that the weather around the region in the preceding days would affect the event, but Farndale and surrounding areas came off lightly as the land was very dry beforehand and fortunatley the weather for the day followed the forecast and was perfect for trialling and brought a fantastic entry, many from outside our region.  

Adam Milner's lay off from trial riding whilst concentrating on building his car did not show as he was very close to beating Ian Austermuhle for the Jack Howden Trophy. 

We would like to thank all our generous Farndale landowners for allowing us to link the farms to create this great lap on fantastic trial land and being able to take in the great scenery.

Sorry we had to rush the riders along to ensure that our observers were not stuck on the hillsides at dusk, the time was tighter than intended and not eased by the large entry which depite the split start, large and tiring lap, which resulted in some queing and delay. We hope that it did not spoil your enjoyment of the trial, and we will certainly review how to run it more smoothly next year.  

Thanks to all our observers and rider for supporting the event.

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Jim Austermuhle 

Gen Sec

Hull Auto Club