New Event For Hillsborough MCC

hillsborough mccIn what the Club hope will become an annual event in memory of Tony Peat who sadly passed away in late 2018 and to do what he spent much of his time doing - maintaining the club ethos of organising and promoting trials, Hillsborough MCC are pleased to announce the new Tony Peat Classic Trial scheduled for 4th August 2019. This event will aimed at Twinshock and Pre-65 bikes and will include air cooled mono's, mirroring the Kia series classes. In addition the Club have included a modern (guest) class which will mainly allow us to cater for those who support our club trials but is of course open to anyone else as well.

In terms of the course for this event, well, this is Hillsborough MCC after all! Severity is in line with the Kia rounds the Club have staged in the past and gauged on decades of experience. The aim is for a 35 section, one lap, all off road (roads to cross) event. The course will form a figure of 8 (ish) route and there will be an generous time limit to allow you to fill the bike and yourself up It should be a great opportunity for you to get some training in, body and bike, if you are have been lucky enough to get a ride in Kinlochleven.

The classic bit will be the bikes, riders, and most of all sections as the Club will use some groups that have been in action since the 60's and 70's.


A - Expert B - Clubman
1: Monoshock 2: Historic Spanish, Pre 78 T/S 3: Twinshock 4: Pre 72s, Britshocks 5: Modern

For more details and entry forms, please click here