Manchester 17 MCC Dead Easy Trial

manchester17Heavy Rain the day before the event, rain the day after, but the Weather Gods smiled on the day of the trial with near perfect conditions for riding. Haslins Farm is notorious for its limestone outcrops and steep grassy banks and as water on limestone and grass spells trouble, the setting out team took the conditions into account when planning the ten sections to be covered four times. Sidecars rode three sections shared with the solos and three sidecar only sections.

Fifty three solos and four sidecars set off to tackle the delights on offer. On the Easy Route, two riders managed to keep their feet up all the way round. Arthur Tomkinson rode his trusty Greeves while Keith Lloyd achieved the same on his Bantam. The oldest bike on this route was Eric Atkinson’s very original 197cc Ambassador of 1948 vintage, rigid back end and all, and he went round for the loss of a very credible 15 marks lost. Who needs a modern bike?

On the Harder Route, no clean rides this time out, the best being young Todd Blenkinsopp on his TRS who lost a dab on the slippery turns of section six. Following close behind on four marks lost was experienced Nick Gregory who has forsaken his modern Beta for twin shock Honda four stroke power which he just loves. Rob Mycock was on for a clean ride except for the curse of missing a section marker; his only marks lost being the resulting five.

For the sidecars the slippery conditions made for a much harder day, albeit still enjoyable according to the crews at the finish. Jon Stanley and Paul Thomas rode the Easy Route for a loss of thirty seven marks lost while on the Harder Route Bert White and John Rawson lost thirty six followed home by the Carl Baker /Wayne Kershaw pairing on fifty three. General consensus at the end was a very enjoyable trial in slippery conditions caused by the previous rain but nothing silly or dangerous.

Report: Roger Townsend

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