Poachers Pre65 Trials Club Poachers Bag Trial 2020

As the days get longer and hopefully dryer, we are looking forward to our first round hosted by Poachers Pre65 Classic Trials Club, the event is set in the picturesque Lincolnshire Wolds. Starting from Smiths Farm Withcal, riders can look forward to approximately 33 sections set over 6 venues and connected by Farm tracks and “B” roads which make up this traditional Classic Road Trial. Each section has dual routes suitable for both Expert and Clubman riders. This year the organisers are pleased to announce that they will be returning to Biscathorpe Pit for a group of sections, this is an excellent venue and one that has not been used for the last 2 years. The event is due to close on the 23rd of March so riders have less than 2 weeks to get their entry sent in and a place reserved.

The entry form is attached to this article and more information about NBBC can be found on the website. www.northernbritishbikechampionship.co.uk or contact Poachers Bag event secretary Mike Gallagher on 01507 443232.