Poachers Pre65 Trials Club

Poachers Classic pre65 Trials ran its 2nd event under the Covid 19 restrictions on Sunday the 16th at the ever-popular Smiths Farm, this time using the valley, nine sections were plotted many of them set in the stream that runs the full length of the venue which were to be ridden over 4 laps.

52 riders made the journey over to Withcall on a very damp and drizzly morning, the entry list was split approximately one third Clubman, two thirds Expert route. The riders were then divided into groups of 5 riders and a team leader who all started their lap at a different section.

Marks lost for most riders were higher than our last event but we still had a third of the expert route finishing on single figures, with a tie for the winning position between Shane Lockley and Chris Gascoigne both parting with 2 marks lost on section 8, which was one of the shortest section on the trial. Observed by Ian Wilkinson, riders dropped into a silt lined stream that had to be ridden at pace with a tight left hand exit over a log step, with a straight uphill exit for Clubman riders and a further uphill turn around a tree to the ends cards for the Expert group. Only two riders avoided penalty’s here, Mick James and David Pattison with four faultless visits, Gary Shaw deserves a special mention for piloting the big PreUnit rigid Triumph Twin for only 3 marks lost….1 of them on section 8!

Clubman route was won by Alan Marin-Andrew who just crept into double figures on 10 marks lost on his Dot, closely followed by closely followed by PreUnit rider Nick Hough and Cub mounted Steve Fewster on 12 for the Day.

Our next Trial is due on the 13th of September at Parkinson’s Farm Goulceby and entry forms will appear as soon as we get our permit. So, God willing and provided the rivers don’t rise we hope to see you all then. MG