Middle England CVC Blagill Youth Trial

Blagill, Alston is always a difficult venue to predict the weather. Dry as a bone on Saturday set up, forecast for no rain. On waking up Sunday morning it was wetter than wet, so a quick run around all the sections needed and opened out a few. As it happens, sun came out and dried everything out by the second lap of the five. Three seasons in a day at this place.

On the Main Course the Sections were set the equivalent of a good Adult Easy course, and two of them where tightened up during the event to keep them on their toes. Aaron Oliver took number one slot with an excellent ride, with Charlie Nicholson second, the gap being larger than it should due to Charlie being unhappy with the engine on the first lap.

On the Medium course Sam Cresswell had a couple of silly fives on an otherwise perfect ride, Kyle Sowden was on his first ride this year and Arthur Henderson has just moved up to the Medium level.

For the Easy course, Eddie Charlton had an almost clean sheet without his well known father supervising, as John was competing elsewhere. A point to note maybe, for us enthusiastic family members. Carter and Joe were both on their first trial so a good start for them.

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