East Midland Centre Champs, PRHA Rosebowl Trial.

Round 4 of the East Midland Centre Champs held at Kirton Off Road Centre. with a great turn out of 90 entries including the conducted. 12 sections ridden 3 times with a lap on 3.5 miles. turned out to be less muddy than it was expected with all the recent rain we had.

The Hard route was won by MRS Rider Luke Walker on 9 marks which all 9 marks was on section 6, with 5 of his marks being on 1st lap from chain coming off. Second was Tom Ablewhite on 9 Marks as well as Luke with Tom being 1 clean less than Luke.Section 6 Turned out to the hardest section of the day with the rock climb section being easier than expected.

The Middle Route was won by Simon Hirst on 9 marks lost, 7 marks in front off second place Josh Taylor on 16 marks lost.

The White Route was won by Twinshock Rider Olly Wearing on 0 marks lost.