Oxford Ixion Ivan Davis Cup 11.09.22



Report Ken O'Brien

Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different Centres to contest the Ivan Davis Cup a Novice event with the best adult performance any class on the standard yellow route taking the pot.


Many weeks of clearing was required at the excellent Cox's Farm venue after the winter rains and hot summer months had made for much under and overgrowth.


Four laps of ten sections were plotted with hazards ranging from ditch crossings long climbs rocky banks and shallow muddy slots.


Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued by the Met office and rain was due around 2 o'clock.


Reynard Norris Beta took the Premiere award with a tally of three all of which were lost at section 8 over in Roberts Copse.


A fairly innocuous affair with a sharpish sandy climb then a drop into a loamy peat bog with a turn up over some roots but after the first visit all had changed as a rider had dug a big hole making it difficult for the less experienced to exit.


Reynard brought his fifty odd years of knowledge to the fore and got away with a prod each lap.


Edward Gardner Montesa took best Novice losing forty nine with four stroke power being ideal at section 1 a forty odd yard steep loose climb and this class win would ensure club championship first place for the season.


Andrew Earnshaw on the super sorted Suzuki RL325 was in a class of his own in the Twinshock with inch perfect control at section 10 a two foot fallen trunk to hop then a series of low branches to negotiate before a pivot turn out ending the day on twenty five marks lost.


Young Jack Petitt 80cc Beta had go at the middle route today with some good rides at section 7 a ditch crossing with roots and a climb out.


On the white eased route a class entry of riders set off with the best Brit-Bike going to Nick James piloting the DOT 250 around for a loss of twenty one having four great cleans on section 4 but with Chris Hurwurth on the pencil mistakes were not an option.


Chris Page BSA Bantam was not having such a good day with persistent machine gremlins hampering his concentration but fair play for finishing the event.


Farnham Royal Raider Pete Haines Beta aced the sportsman class with a miserly loss of five cleaning section 6 with ease every visit a lot of speed required to reach dry land before turning up a rocky steep climb to the ends high on the bank


Mark Davidson 200 Fantic made short work of the opposition in the Twinshock class going on to take max champs points and class win for the year.


The Fantic was perfect for the long shallow muddy slot of section 4 before a twist over some roots then a flat out blast up a steep sandy climb.


The 50/50 ( hard -Middle ) victor was Jason Clifford losing seventeen powering the 300 Beta up the double 400 yard climb of section 2 with ease.


Although primarily a Novice event we welcome all and Experts were catered for and we had four today all of top class ability with Brett Harbud Factory Beta running out best on the day.


Many thanks to all who helped on the day.


Ivan Davis Cup Reynard Norris Beta 3


Clubman Alan Taylor Beta 13

Dave Barrett Beta 23

Neil Petitt TXT 41

Simon Holmes Vertigo R3 45

Dickie 'Dabber' Harbud Beta 98


Youth C Jack Petitt Beta 80 124


Twinshock Andrew Earnshaw Suzuki RL325 25


White Easy Route


Brit-Bike Nick James DOT 250 21


Sportsman Pete Haines Beta 5

Twinshock Mark Davidson Fantic 200 19