Banovallum Mcc Bob Rafferty Trial 2022


Banovallum Mcc held there last trial of 2022 at North Ormsby near Louth. 

The Expert route was won by Chris Alford (26) with Tom Ablewhite (45) in second place and Andrew Marris (63) in third. 
The winner on the Middle route was Callum Richardson (3) with Dave Hunt (4) and Victoria Traves (4) tied for second place but Dave claimed it by 37 cleans to 36 !! 
On the 50/50 route Kev Witting (11) took 1st place from Steve Marwood (12) with Stuart Alford (16) in 3rd.

Tony Bilton (3) won the White route with Michael Smalley(7) coming second and Dave Hamblin (8) in third place. 

I would like to thank all the course plotters for marking out the sections all year and also the officials for keeping things in order and last but not least our observers who have been there for us at every trial as without them the trials wouldn't run so smooth. 

Thanks everybody for supporting us through 2022 and we look forward to seeing you at our next trial on Sunday 21st January 2023 at South Thoresby Quarry near Alford.