Banovallum Mcc Trial 10.09.23


On a scorching hot Sunday at Dunston Quarry Banovallum Mcc held The Alec Baunber Memorial trial.

On the Hard route Tom Ablewhite (33) took the win over Phil Marris (44) in second place and Mike Evans (59) in third.

Daniel Ledgerwood (36) beat Robin Stephenson (49) on the hard 50/50 route to 1st place with Andrew Noad (52) in 3rd spot.

On the middle route Mark Hawkins (14) was the winner over Dave Hunt (28) and Andy Butt (28) 

On the easy 50/50 route Steve Marwood (45) took the win over Fred Farquharson (81) 

John Hamblin (1) was the champ on the white route with Kevin Witting (3) in second place and Tony Bilton (4) in third 

We would like to thank the observers for standing in the sun for a few hours and also the course plotters on Saturday for setting out the trial. A big thanks to the landowner for the use of the quarry.


Our next trial is at Withcall near Louth LN110TJ on Sunday 8th October at 10-30