Oxford Ixion Ivan Davis Cup Trial 2023



Report Ken O'Brien


Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different Centres to contest the Ivan Davis Cup a Novice event with the best adult performance in any class on any machine riding the standard yellow route taking the pot.


Many weeks of clearing was required at the excellent Cox's Farm venue after the Summer rains and sun made for much Over and Undergrowth.


Four laps of ten sections were plotted with hazards ranging from Ditch Crossings Long Climbs Sandy Banks Fallen Trees and Shallow Muddy Slots.


Time was of the essence though as an amber alert storm weather warning had been issued by the Met office and rain was due around 2 o'clock.


Adrian Steele took the main Trophy with a miserly 1 dab ride he prodded on section ten where Simon Dowling was waiting pencil in hand to record any discrepancy of the rules.


The sub was a long climb with a sandy turn and drop before a tight steeper climb with an angled awkward Elder to jump then a slick loose camber which took lots of marks from many riders.


Dave Barret Beta had to settle for runner-up spot in the Clubman class on 10 with a sprinkling of dabs.


Alan Taylor multi Ivan Davis Cup winner first taking the Trophy forty three years ago had to settle for third spot today with a creditable 13 mark loss 6 going astray at the Big Oak section a really steep and grassy climb with a fierce cambered drop before doing it all again with a sandy version over roots a very tricky section.


Peter Cook 200 Fantic just edged out Andrew Earnshaw 325 Beamish Suzuki by a single point 32 and 33 with both finding section eight a tad testing on the ageing Twinshock machinery.


to start the hazard a 20 yard swamp raft to cross before a loamy left then right handed turn after which a choice of three lines wide middle and tight all were tough before dropping to bottom gear for a cambered turn up the loose sandy bank to the ends.


Chris Wickham Beta 300 aced the Expert class with a crash course in tree felling into the bargain to the delight of the gathered crowd.


A competitive 50/50 class today saw Dave Renham's traveling companion Mick Marshall take the win on 9 marks lost .


Mick put in many faultless rides with number 2 no exception a 100 yards of twists and cambered ditch crossings with a couple of trees to hop for good measure.


On the eased White Sportsman route the riders were split into three classes with Nick ' Dotty 250 ' James continuing a good run of form with a fine performance to take the Britbike class and a tally of 19 marks lost.


Nick showed all his years of experience and was at ease with the old-fashioned style sections although NEARLY had to use the clutch on one occasion at section 6 a slick grassy affair with several stricken boughs to traverse.


In the Twinshock Paul Toplis turned back the clock with a controlled winning performance on the very same 310 Armstrong he purchased from new over 40 years ago the big two-stroke could be heard from afar burning its way up the long climbs of section 9.


Kenny Presly was hot on his heels only 2 marks adrift on the immaculate TLR 200 a perfect match for the undulating drops and rooted outcrops of section 1.


The Sportsman class was another close call with Jason Fathers R250 just getting the drop on Beta Evo 300 mounted John Quigg a two mark margin separating again.


John was on Gold until an untimely Sat Nav failure at section 2 last lap but he managed to pull it back for a 3 dab effort.


Yellow Middle Route.


Ivan Davis Cup Adrian Steele Beta 1


Runner-up Dave Barrett Beta 10


Clubman Alan Taylor TRS 250 13


Twinshock Peter Cook 200 Fantic 32

Andrew Earnshaw Beamish Suzuki 33


White Easy Route


Britbike Nick James 250 Dot 19

Chris Page Bantam 39


Sportsman Jason Fathers TRS 250 10

John Quigg Beta 12


Expert Hard Route Chris Wickham 300 Beta 11

Sean McCullagh 300 Beta 16


50/50 Mick Marshall TXT 300 9

Jason Clifford Nitro 250 10

Dave Renham Nitro 250 21