Banovallum Mcc Trial 08.10.23



On Sunday morning Banovallum Mcc held a trial at Smiths farm at Withcall near Louth. 
Some great sections were set out by the team on Saturday in and out the stream making things a little tricky as the day went on on Sunday!! 

Tom Ablewhite(15) took the narrow victory over Phil Marris(15) by 33 cleans to 30 !!! 

On the hard 50/50 Roman Kyrnyckyj (7) beat Alex Murchison(15) to second place. 

Dave Hunt(19) took the win on the middle route from Jacob Murchison(23) 

On the Easy 50/50 Tony Bilton(10) beat Ian Bruntlett(38) into second place.

On the Dead easy route Tim Hawcock(0) was the champion taking the win from Dan Rack(4)

I think our new format of sections went really well and we would be glad of any comments from anyone about the day. 

Thanks goes to the observers for there continuing support and als to the course plotters and officials for putting on the event.

Our next trial is on Sunday 5th November at North Ormsby near Louth.