Oxford Ixion MCC Trial 11.11.23



Report Ken O'Brien


Fine weather greeted a host of riders from many different Centres to contest the Norton Trophy for best Pre 65 machine on the White Route.


Despite being a Pre 65 and Twinshock event all classes were catered for.


Much rain on the preceding days meant for a shortened course as waterlogged areas of the farm were a no no.


Four laps of ten sections were ridden with a variety of roots gullies cambers and a 200 yard hill climb.


The sun was low in the sky the temperature never rose much above zero and to these elements add four laps of ten sections with slick cambers and turns the scene was set.


Time was of the essence though as an amber flood weather warning had been issued by the Met office and heavy rain was due around 2 o'clock.


Best Pre 65 and the Norton Trophy went to Triumph Tigercub mounted and Aldermaston Nomads raider John Hawthorne with a loss of 12.


Section nine ' Axfords Ditch ' was harder than it looked but John's many years of Trials experience shone though with four excellent rides but at the same time taking four of his tally along the way.


A gentle but boggy drop to a turn over a log then a short sharp climb before dropping into a fallen oak bomb-hole with an awkward left handed camber to the end cards up the bank was the going for this sub.


Wayne Hutton also Cub mounted took the runner-up spot with a loss of 23 section six a 200 yard muddy climb gradually degraded as the day wore on and many marks were taken here on the later laps.


For most it was a forth gear blast but for the Pre 65 bikes it was second gear and hope to not run out of steam before losing grip at midway before traction was available again.


Best Twinshock rider Mark Davidson steered the little 200 Fantic around to great effect losing 56 with Paul Toplis 3 behind on the 310 CCM he bought new over forty years ago.


Tommy Goodwin was having a great time although the little Beta 80 was somewhat under-powered in the wintry conditions of the farm but nevertheless taking the youth C win.


Best Sportsman today was Robert Bremner swapping out his trusty 350 Triumph for the 250 Vertigo with great effect by posting the lowest white eased route score a loss of eight marks.


Section two The Lone Tree hazard started to take a few marks later on and extracted a steadying prod from Rob on the last turn of the section last lap as the quagmire deepened to rim depth.


On the Expert route a Master Mud Class was emerging as John Cowley 300 Vertigo turned back the years to produce an outstanding performance losing a miserly 16 points.


John was inch perfect at section 4 second lap where a crowd had gathered as word got round it was a possible stopper for most.


A steep camber to an awkward fallen tree then a slippy rooted bank before flicking the front end though a gap in the undergrowth then plenty of grunt in fourth to climb to the ends a great ride.


Alex Taylor 250 Vertigo was first up to tackle section ten a third gear affair starting with an angled fallen tree although finding grip before the start cards was the hard bit.


Once over the rooty hazard part a really slick climb ensued and it was necessary to keep the power on til the ends were in sight after turning down through the gorse.


For his efforts Alex took the 50/50 route plaudits.


Youth B runner Alfie Chessman 125 Beta was enjoying the muddy sections and a class win was taken.


In the Clubman class riding the yellow middle route Local Motor Vehicle Dealer Bruce Eadle out for his second meeting of the year on the brand new Gasser aced a field of 20 with a loss of 40 marks.


Bruce showed a clean pair of heels to all at section 5 a frost covered double fallen tree then a really slick right-handed camber over a series off hummocks and tufts.


Ixion veteran Alan Taylor had to settle for runner-up spot today on the superbly turned out 250 TRS.


Although Alan's class and experience shone through at section 8 comprising a slick hop over a stricken bough then a tight turn over more wooded debris and to finish up to third gear selection for the slickest of climbs around The Old Oak Tree.


Many thanks to all who helped on the day.


Norton Trophy John Hawthorne Tigercub 12


Best Twinshock Mark Davidson 200 Fantic 56


Best Youth C Tommy Goodwin Beta 80 106


Best Sportsman Best Sportsman Vertigo 8


Yellow Middle Route


Clubman Bruce Eadle Gasser 40


Youth B Jack Pettit Beta 125 125


Expert Hard route Jon Cowley Vertigo 300 16


50/50 Alex Taylor 250 Vertigo 43


Youth B Alfie Chessman 125 Beta 107