Oxford Ixion MC 2nd Round Club Champs 2024


Report Ken O'Brien

A Sunny but cold day greeted 90 riders and officials for this 2nd round 2024 Ixion championship with three laps of ten to be ridden.

' The Common ' Folly Farm Beckley was the venue a notoriously wet course although on this occasion dust would prevail on the odd section as the winter rains had virtually no impact on the going.


Cambers Hills Ditches Gullies Roots and loose drops were about to be attempted by riders of different class and ability.


John Cowley showed the way in the Expert class with a superb 10 mark win over Michael James on the Gasser 300.


Nitro 300 power was at it's best today John pulling high gears on the big hills of section three a slick sandy climb with a fallen tree half way up the bank to jump then a left handed steep muddy climb to the end cards.


Michael had the best rides in the Expert class at section two a tricky double stream crossing with a rooted cambered bank the latter becoming more difficult as the day went on as all of the entry were traversing this exit route and dragging water up.


Best Inter today went Midland Centre raider Andrew Richardson's way with a flat-out approach at most sections on the 300 Beta so 43 marks was a creditable score on the Hard Route with section five taking a few of them.


A hundred yard 4th gear blast up over concealed roots plus more although slamming the anchors on at the last second to negotiate a rather tight turn to the ends was easier said than done.


George Clark 125 Beta took the Best Youth A class section nine was a classic Ixion style section that George rode well starting with a ditch to ride or jump depending on age then a thirty yard wide hillside section to burn a high gear up so not for the feint hearted.



The popular 50/50 route was dominated today with a powerful performance from Ian Watts 300 Vertigo.


43 was his tally with some excellent rides at section ten a drop into a marshy loop a tight turn up around a large Oak then more marshland before the sting in the tail a fallen Elm to cross then a short sharp climb.


The well populated Yellow middle route covered several classes with best Clubman going to local car dealer Bruce Eadle edging out brother Jake 34 marks to 39 with Alan Taylor coming home in third spot on 47 ML.


All three competitors made mincemeat of section four a steady drop over a fallen tree then pop over another before an awkward steep left handed camber over roots with a steep drop out.


Peter Cook 200 Fantic had the Twinshock class away with Peter Archer Seeley Honda a few marks behind both enjoying mostly clean sheets on the undulating terrain and muddy slots of section one.


Alfie Chesman took the Youth B class with goods rides at section six a slick drop into a wooded glade then inch perfect alignment was required to blast up a difficult grassy bank to the ends.


The White eased-up course had twenty seven starters and Robert Bremner 350 Triumph made short work of the opposition with a score of 31 marks lost and Best Pre 65.


Rob cleaned every section at least once including four perfect rides at section nine where Triumph Twin power ruled the roost flat out in second and hang on.


Paul Trendall 250 Beta aced the Sportsman class to take maximum championship points on this occasion.


Paul Toplis 310 CCM purchased new in 82 was riding well going clean at section one and two taking maximum champs points also in the Twinshock class.


Isla Crabtree pushed on to the finish on the little Beta 80 this was a considerable feat for the going under foot and machine mud mud and more mud.


Many thanks to all the observers on the day.