James Dabill Pipped For Top Five X-Trial Spot

James dabill barcelona x trial 1Factory Vertigo rider James Dabill narrowly missed out on a top five placing as the development of the prototype Vertigo Combat continued in the fierce environment of the fourth round of the 2015 FIM X-Trial World Championship hosted in the Olympic arena overlooking the city of Barcelona, Spain. Dabill was to eventually to be demoted to sixth spot after he recorded the second fastest time in the speed section. The dash halfway around the enduro course that occupied much of the arena-floor, was used to decide a four way tie-break in what was to prove an ultra difficult competition.

Once again both Dabill and the Vertigo team had used the time since the last event in France to their full advantage with an ongoing and packed programme of testing based close to the Vertigo HQ. The reigning British Champion was in good shape ahead of the encounter in Barcelona, having enjoyed plenty of quality time on the prototype Combat alongside and up against some of the World‘s best riders in practice conditions.

Although unable to make it through to the final, James brought his improved form to the competition and showed some moments of promise in front of the huge crowd that had once again packed into this famous facility. Cresting some of the biggest steps in the five sections in qualification Dabill showed yet again the potential and performance of the prototype Vertigo Combat on what remains the toughest stage in the World of Trial.

Watching from the sidelines Vertigo Sports Team Manager Dougie Lampkin commented on the event. "When you see the scores I think it tells you that the Trial was far from the best, with too many places where it was a case of clean or five, which in the end proves very little. I have been watching James train this week, and from what I have seen I am very pleased with the progress both he and the bike have made once again."

James dabill barcelona x trial 2"Here in Barcelona we have not learnt much, but at least we have been able to see what the bike is capable of in a few places which is both positive and good for our ongoing development process. Let‘s hope the trial in Austria next weekend will give us a better opportunity to see the real results of the work we have done over the last month or so."

James had little else to add. "Five sections, when they are that difficult is hardly a great chance to put into action all what we have achieved over the last weeks. But unfortunately Barcelona can be like that sometimes, and this year was one of those years. All I can do is keep working in the same way we have been doing and hopefully next week in Austria we will have a better trial where the riding in the actual sections will be more important than racing in the speed section."

James‘ sixth place in Barcelona equals the result he achieved at the opening round in Sheffield and leaves him sixth in the championship with two rounds remaining.