Adam Raga Wins Final Day In Spain

adam raga spain finalThe 2015 FIM Trial World Championship came to a close in Teo, Spain today with Adam Raga – Gas Gas claiming his second win of the weekend and his fifth of the campaign to reinforce his runners up position in the series, a position that was safe even prior to this double victory at his home GP. For the second day running reigning FIM Trial World Champion Toni Bou – Repsol Honda had to play an unusual supporting role to his motivated Spanish compatriot. With Bou again demoted to the second step of the podium it was Jeroni Fajardo – Beta who polished off today’s top three to seal his third place in the final rankings too.

Heavy rain fell overnight and into the morning with this returning several times throughout the day to very much change conditions out on the hilltop course. Modifications were made prior to the competition getting underway to a total of seven sections in order to counteract what damage mother nature had done. As was the case yesterday, it resulted in another relative low scoring Trial for the leading duo with this reflected as early as the first lap with Raga remaining clean through the initial twelve hazards and Bou dropping just a single mark over the same sections.


Bou was the better of the dominant pairing on the second lap losing one mark compared to the two lost by Raga, leaving them level going into the final tour. Two fives for Toni in sections four and nine halted his fight back as Adam kept his score to seven marks on his closing visit to the twelve muddy hazards to take the win for the second day in a row, this time by just five marks.


Fajardo ended the day eight marks back from Bou, with Albert Cabestany – Sherco and Jorge Casales – Beta making five Spanish riders in the top five yet again as they finished fourth and fifth respectively. Jamie Busto – Repsol Honda faired better than he did on Saturday to take sixth position in the Trial and end his rookie season sixth in the general standings too. His veteran team-mate Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Honda rounded a difficult season with a seventh spot to secure his ranking in the top five in this his twentieth year as part of the series. Alexandre Ferrer – Sherco, Pol Tarres – Sherco and Franz Kadlec – Beta complete today’s top ten respectively in the World Pro class to bring the 2015 season to a close.


Quentin Carles de Caudemberg – Beta became the winner of the 2015 FIM Trial World Cup after winning the final counting day, but only after he had awaited the outcome of a championship tie break with Miquel Gelabert – Sherco. Gelabert had led the series going into today and following his fourth place finish in the Trial he found himself tied on two hundred twenty eight points with his French rival, but lost the count back with Carles de Caudemberg having recorded five wins to his one. The finale of this incredibly close fought series could not have been any more dramatic. Benoit Bincaz – Scorpa and Luca Petrella – Gas Gas rouded out today’s podium, with the desperately unlucky Gelabert and other title challenger Iwan Roberts – Beta finishing in fourth and fifth respectively. Roberts ended the year in third place overall, just four points behind Carles de Caudemberg and Gelabert despite missing the opening GP in Japan.


Marco Fioletti – Beta rounded out his 2015 campaign with yet another victory in the FIM 125 Trial Cup division. Today his winning margin was a massive forty-four marks and confirmed a not so unlucky thirteen triumphs in a row and seventeen in total. In fact Fioletti was only beaten once throughout the whole series, that being on the opening day of the third round in Sweden by the unknown Norwegian rider Sondre Haga – Beta. Marco takes the title with a full three hundred and twenty points, that representing his best sixteen results – all of which were wins - from the eighteen counting days over nine rounds. Spain’s Gabriel Giro – Beta ended the day again as runner to claim third overall in the general standings whilst Maxime Varin – Scorpa rounded off his campaign with a third spot to secure his 2015 vice champion status.


With the 2015 FIM Trial World Championship over the attention now turns to the closing round of the 2015 FIM Women’s Trial World Championship and the 2015 Trial des Nations, both of which will take place in L'Hospitalet de l’Infant, Spain next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



World Championship Results


1. Adam Raga - 9

2. Toni Bou - 14

3. Jeroni Fajardo - 22

4. Albert Cabestany - 32

5. Jorge Casales - 32

6. Jaime Busto - 43

7. Takahisa Fujinami - 50

8. Alexandre Ferrer - 71

9. Pol Tarres - 81

10. Franz Kadlec - 86

11. James Dabill - 87

12. Eddie Karlsson - 88

13. Francesc Moret - 98

14. Hakon Pedersen - 102

15. Jack Sheppard -112

16. Kristian Ole Sorensen - 147


pdf Download Full Results (89 KB)

pdf Download Final Standings (152 KB)

World Cup Results


1. Quentin Carles de Caudemberg - 20

2. Benoit Bincaz - 24

3. Luca Petrella - 29

4. Miquel Gelabert - 30

5. Iwan Roberts - 33

6. Gael Chatagno - 41

7. Oriol Noguera - 43

8. Arnau Farre - 58

9. Filippo Locca - 60

10. Jack Price - 62

11. Declan Bullock - 67

12. Andrew Putt - 69

13. Ib Andersen - 76

14. Billy Bolt - 88

15. Marc Riba - 94

16. Bryan Roper - 100

17. Kyle Middleton - 107

18. Noe Pretalli - 113

19. Julian Bernstsen - 128

20. Marek Wunsch - 141

21. Romain Corna - 142

22. Chris Bayles - 146

23. Asis Roldan - 167


pdf Download Full Results (105 KB)

pdf Download Final Standings (181 KB)

125CC Championship Results


1. Marco Fioletti - 23

2. Gabriel Giro - 67

3. Maxime Varine - 95

4. Axel De la Mata - 109


pdf Download Full Results (59 KB)

pdf Download Final Standings (146 KB)

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