Gas Gas Motos On Andorra Weekend

jack peace andorra gas gasJack Peace in action this weekend in AndorraThe Gas Gas Factory Trial riders were the stars of the show at the Andorran GP in the Trial2 competition. Jack Price and Arnau Farré shared out the victories on Saturday and Sunday in Sant Julià de Lòria, and with Dan Peace in the top five, these boys are the masters of the classification for this class. Jack Peace confirmed his leadership in Trial125 after adding first and second positions in the fourth event of the world championship. Matteo Grattarola (11th and 15th) and Franzi Kadlec (12th and 11th) end a tough weekend of trial in Andorra. The event also gave Sandra Gómez a chance to prepare for her debut in the Women’s World Championship, which starts in the UK next month, with a first and second place in the International Open class.


It was a  highly positive balance for the Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team riders in the Andorran GP. The event took place in the magnificent Pyrenean countryside with areas of supreme quality where Jack Price and Arnau Farré demonstrated once again that they are the favourites as winners of the Trial2 World Championship. The British and Spanish riders took turns for the top place on the podium in rainy conditions on Saturday and rather drier ones on Sunday.


Price started off the Andorran GP with a victory on the first day, with his teammates Dan Peace and Arnau Farré getting fifth and seventh positions and Marc Riba, finishing twelfth. The next day, with drier ground after Saturday’s rain, Arnau Farré, now much more comfortable, had a great victory closely followed by Jack Price, in second place. Riba, climbed three positions to finish ninth in what was a fantastic weekend for the Trial2 Gas Gas riders.


Thanks to their excellent results in this the fourth event in the World Championship, Price has cemented his number one position in the Trial2 Class with a difference of 28 points over Farré. Meanwhile, Dan Peace, is in fourth position, within the top five of the class and Marc Riba, who did not ride in the Japanese GP is 12th in the table.


There were excellent results too for Jack Peace in the Trial125 Class. The British rider, the great revelation for this season in the youth trial category, won on Saturday and climbed onto the second step of the podium on Sunday which means the young Gas Gas star is leading the Trial125 Class with a 16 points advantage over his nearest rival.


Sandra Gómez was a highlight in International Trial, an open class held at the Andorran Trial GP and where the rider from Madrid added a first and second place. Without a doubt this is the best way to prepare the Gas Gas rider for the start of the Women’s World Championship. This championship is kicking off in mid-July in Tong in the United Kingdom and consists of three events this year.


Meanwhile, Matteo Grattarola and Franzi Kadlec were the most successful Gas Gas Factory FG Trail Team riders in the fourth event in the calendar for riders in TrialGP. The Italian achieved 11th and 15th positions in the highest engine capacity, a class where even the smallest mistakes are paid for very dearly in the final classification. His German teammate, Franzi Kadlec finished just behind the Italian on Saturday in 12th place and improved his position on Sunday with an 11th place. The Norwegian Hakön Pedersen repeated 17th position on both days, in a GP where unfortunately the Italian Gianluca Tournour was unable to finish because of problems with a rib injury after a fall on Wednesday during training for the Andorran GP.


The Gas Gas Factory FG Trial Team is to travel straight to Lourdes, where next weekend, 18th and 19thJune, the French GP is to be held. This is the fifth of the eight events comprising the World Championship.


Jack Price: “I’m happy, really happy with the results this weekend in Andorra. Saturday was a nearly perfect day for me, everything went well and I won. However, on Sunday I made a couple of mistakes that stopped me from getting the same result. Finally, I finished up second, Two great results which help me keep my top position in the Trial2 World Championship.”


Arnau Farré: “On Friday when we were inspecting the course we saw that it would be difficult. But the truth is that on Saturday after the rain and with the ground wet, the course was very tricky for me and I didn’t feel comfortable at all as I got too many fives. On the other hand, on Sunday, everything went well from the start, everything was much easier for me and I’m very happy about this latest win which took away some of the bad feeling left over from the first day and also gives us some encouragement for the next event where we aim to get back up in the classification.”